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Classmates in the Library


An orientation will be conducted by the College Admission Coordinator to international students and host family that will help and guide you around the campus. This will allow host family to sign the contract.

     1. Secure and keep any important information provided by the Canadian Health and Business College including student and family information, academic transcript record, attendances and use it only in the performance of host family duties.

2. Never disclose, communicate, publish, copy, interfere with, alter or destroy any informaton without authorized to do so by the Canadian Health and Business College.


3. Provide a secure, healthy and warm home environment. Host family are expected to provide reasonable protection and safety for the student and act as a reasonably prudent host parent.


4. Host a maximum of 2 students at one time, only one student of each nationality and must be of the same gender.


5. Ensure that plans for family holidays or travel costs are incurred and discussed thoroughtly and that costs agreed to by students and their parents, so they assist in sharing the costs. if the internation student chooses not to participate in the activity, report to the Admission Coordinator no longer than 24 hours and ensure alternate arrangements to a responsible adult are in place.


6. Host families are responsible for all home damages. The Canadian Health and Business College is willing to mediate if cases arise. The College takes no responsibility for the damages.


7. Provide an English Speaking environment for the students. Only English must be spoken while student is present.


8. Provide board and lodging for CHBC students. Fees shall be collected by the School and a cheque will be issued to host family every 2nd week of the month.

School Corridor

Homestay Fee & Charges 

1. Full board rate is $800.00/month or $200.00/week which includes 3 meals per day (Monday-Sunday) with light snacks.   

2. Half board rate is $700.00/month or $175.00/week only breakfast and dinner are included with light snacks on Saturday and Sunday.   


3. Provide suitable home and private bedrooms (not shared room) like a single bed, table, lamp, closet or dresser.   


4. The college will charge $150.00 fee for pick-up and drop-off to and from the airport. This is mandatory.

Private Rentals

You can find private rentals through Google, Kijiji,, Zillow and more

Rental companies such as Boardwalk, Mainstreet Equity Corp, Avenue Living, etc. 


High School Student

Return Policy
Do's &  Don't

1. If a student reports that there are problems in the home such as alcohol, drug abuse, sexual impropriety, inappropriate conduct or abusive language or behavior, the student(s) will be moved from the home without notice and legal action may be taken into consideration.   

2. Host families are required to give full refund to the student for any paid weeks remaining after the two weeks' notice period. The refund payment will be pro-rated if less than 2 weeks notice.   


3. If a student takes a holiday for 1 week or more, student do not have to pay the homestay fee and they are required to remove their belongings from their room.   


4. Provide access to laundry facilities. Students are not expected to pay for laundry soap. If host family doing the laundry, no extra cost shall be charged to the student.   


5. Ensure that internationl students are not required to babysit.   


6. If the student is unhappy of the host family, the College will provide them the option to choose another housing.

Mountains with Snow

Family Involvement

International Student of Canadian Health and Business College will be toured around their perspective city, to Banff or Lake Louise as a part of our cross-cultural counselling. They will be oriented on Canada's History and Government. International students and Canadian students will collaborate on community services in the surrounding area of the City. This will be done within 1st week on their arrival. Host family will provide pack lunch for their student.

Opening a Bank Account

Every bank has different monthly charges, interest rates and fees. We do not have a specific bank to recommend. We help you peruse different banks and know their charges, interest rates etc. that will suit your needs as an International Student. Host family will have to accompany.

Mental Health

To access counselling supports in Calgary, you can explore resources such as:


1. Calgary Counselling Centre: [Calgary Counselling Centre]( offers various counseling services.


2. Distress Centre Calgary: [Distress Centre Calgary]( provides crisis support, including counseling services.


3. **211 Alberta:** Dial 211 or visit [211 Alberta]( for a comprehensive directory of community and social services, including counseling.


4. Psychology Today - Therapist Directory: [Psychology Today]( allows you to search for therapists in Calgary based on your specific needs.


5. Alberta Health Services - Addiction and Mental Health: Visit [AHS Addiction and Mental Health]( for information on available mental health services.

For health and social services support in Calgary, consider these resources:


1. Alberta Health Services (AHS): The official healthcare provider in Alberta. Visit [AHS]( for information on hospitals, clinics, and healthcare programs.


2. Calgary Health Link: Dial 811 to reach Health Link Alberta for non-emergency health advice and information.


3. Calgary Zone Hospitals: Major hospitals in Calgary include South Health, Foothills Medical Centre, Rockyview General Hospital, and Peter Lougheed Centre.


4. Calgary Community Health Centers: Find local health centers for various services. You can use the [AHS Facility Locator]( for specific locations.


5. Distress Centre Calgary: Beyond crisis support, they also provide information on various social services. Visit [Distress Centre Calgary](


Academic and Career Counseling

International students in Calgary can access academic and career counseling through various resources:


1. Calgary Immigrant Educational Society (CIES): They provide educational and career counseling services for newcomers and international students. Visit [CIES] ( for more information.

2. ISAEC (Immigrant Student Achievement Advisory Council): ISAEC at the Calgary Board of Education offers support for immigrant and international students, including academic and career guidance.

4. Settlement Agencies: Organizations like Immigrant Services Calgary may offer counseling services for academic and career development. Visit [Immigrant Services Calgary] ( for details.

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