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In CHBC we offer various health and business programs

Why Canadian Health and Business College?

Exceptional Quality

Flexible Schedule

We offer flexible schedules including online, weekday, weekend, morning classes making it easy to balance your studies and oter commitments

Good Reviews

We consistently recieve good reviews reflecting high student satisfaction and a strong reputable for quality education

Government Funding Available

Government funding options are available to help education more affordable ensuring most students have access to financial support for their studies

Immediate Program Intake

We offer monthly program intakes allowing you to start your studies at a time that suits you best

High Employment Rate

CHBC boasts a high employment rate for graduates ensuring strong career prospect and successful job placements

Professional Instructors

Our instructors bring real world experiences and expertise to the classroom enchancing your learning experience
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Our Approach

Canadian Health and Business College is centred around a multidisciplinary curriculum that integrates healthcare and business concepts, preparing students for the complex challenges of today's healthcare industry. We emphasize experiential learning, practical application and real-world problem-solving to ensure graduates are well-prepared to make meaningful contributions in their professional careers. 


CHBC focuses on these guiding principles to better achieve and unselfishly fulfill the goals and objectives of the College.
• To provide a high standard and excellent quality education
• To ensure equal access to resources for both health and business education
• To respect student's dignity and multicultural diversity
• To encourage student innovation, creativity, community involvement, and self-worth


A Dependant institution in Canada that fosters excellence in healthcare and business education, producing graduates who positively impact society and drive innovation |


Our mission is to provide high-quality education and training in healthcare and business disciplines, empowering students with the knowledge, skills and values needed to excel in their chosen fields. We strive to cultivate a supportive and inclusive learning environment that promotes personal growth, critical thinking and ethical leadership 

I have found the teaching staff and faculties to be exceptional. These aspects have greatly contributed to my positive experience at the school. I appreciate the dedication and commitment of Ms. Irish Torre who have gone above and beyond to support students. Thank you CHBC for being an instrument of God for the international students who wants to experience a quality education.

What Our Graduates Say

Moses' Experience
Nehemias' Experience
John's and Rhoda's Experience

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