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Canadian Health and Business College is consistent with our mission to welcome students’ opinions and feedback about our policies, programs, and services in order to make changes that contribute to your success, development, and goal attainment.

The complaint/grievance process is meant to answer and resolve issues arising between individual students and the College from practices and procedures affecting that relationship. In many cases, there are mechanisms already in place for the reporting and resolution of specialized complaints like sexual harassment, grade appeals, bullying and these should be fully utilized where appropriate. Violation of student conduct rules should be addressed through the process specifically designed for that purpose.

Complaint Procedures in the Academic Setting

1. For complaints in the academic setting, the student should talk personally with the instructor.  

2. Should the student and instructor be unable to resolve the conflict, the student may then turn to the chair of the involved department for assistance.  

3. The Dean will meet with both parties, seek to understand their individual perspectives, and, within a reasonable amount of time, reach a conclusion, share it with both parties, and reach a final resolution. 

Complaint Procedures Outside the Academic Setting

Students having complaints outside the academic setting, and who have been unable to resolve the matter with the individual directly involved, should process the complaint in a timely manner through the administration channels of the appropriate unit. Students uncertain about the proper channels are encouraged to seek advice from faculty advisors or Deans’ office. Complaints that rise to the level of a grievance may be heard, as a final appeal, before a committee, chaired by an appropriate person chosen by the Board of Directors and including a representative of the faculty and a member of the student body. The grievance must be filed in writing. Grievances not deemed frivolous by the committee will be heard.
If a student believes he or she has been harassed or otherwise discriminated against because of race, color, gender, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, age, disability, the student should report the matter immediately to the Dean.

Procedures of Complaints should be:


1. Presented orally to the appropriate College official.  

2. If an informal discussion of the matter is not satisfactory, a written statement of the complaint will be requested.  

3. A formal grievance/complaint form (see appendix H) may be picked up in the office. A written statement should contain the following:  
    (a) the exact nature and details of the grievance,  
    (b) the date, time, and place of the grievance,  
    (c) the names of witnesses or persons who have knowledge of the problem 
    (d) any available written documentation or evidence that is relevant 
    (e) resolution being sought by student, and  
    (f) student signature and contact information

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